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Activ8 Hair Growth Systems

Hair Growth Systems

Hair growth systems are powerful products that promote healthy hair and replenish your scalp with the nutrients needed for lasting growth. Our wide selection of hair growth products can be used effectively to treat thinning hair, spur hair restoration, thicken hair follicles and much more.

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  • activ8 Shampoo

    activ8 Shampoo

    Activ8 Shampoo is a unique, pH-neutral, sulfate, paraben and alcohol free daily shampoo.

    New Price: $25.00
  • activ8 Cleanse

    activ8 Cleanse

    Activ8 Cleanse is a technologically advanced formulation used as foundation for effective detoxification of the scalp.

    New Price: $25.00
  • activ8 Nutri-MX Treatment

    activ8 Nutri-MX Treatment

    Women's Activ8 Nutri-MX contains minoxidil, the only topical ingredient approved by the FDA to prevent hair loss and promote hair regrowth.

    New Price: $28.00
  • activ8 Condition

    activ8 Condition

    Activ8 Condition provides superior detangling qualities for wet combing and creates full volume and luster when dry.

    New Price: $25.00
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  • activ8 30 Day Supply Kit

    activ8 30 Day Supply Kit

    The activ8 30 Day Supply Kit for Women helps to revitalize the scalp and promote maximum hair volume and density.

    New Price: $60.00
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